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Auto Repair
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Abington Sunoco is your premier auto repair shop in Abington, MA. Our experienced mechanics are ASE certified and we guarantee all of our parts and labor services.

Learn About Our Automotive Repair Team

Our ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified team is primed to deliver outstanding results for your vehicle. Whenever you have any service needs for your vehicle, it’s best to turn to Abington Sunoco. We guarantee all of our services, including parts and labor. With an industry-leading 3 Year / 36,000-mile warranty you have nothing to worry about when you receive your services from us. We also sell used cars because our clients deserve to have vehicle options. 

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All Types of Automotive Repair

At Abington Sunoco, we still believe in service whether it be preventative maintenance or a broken light, we will achieve the best results based upon the circumstances and the situation. 

Superior Brake and Suspension Repair Services

When your brakes and suspension function perfectly, your car is ready for the road. We will do all the labor so that you can safely get behind the wheel.

Rust Protection For Your Vehicle

We have the ability to protect the underside of your vehicle from water, ice, and salty roads. For a comprehensive protective layer for your car, turn to Abington Sunoco.

Abington's only AAA approved repair

Member discounts are offered to all AAA members.

Our Auto Repair Services in Abington, MA

Do you need a new state inspection sticker? What about rust protection for your vehicle? For these services and many more, turn to Abington Sunoco. Please review our services and don’t hesitate to get in touch at (781) 789-8118.

Contact Our Auto Repair Shop Today

If you have a car sitting idly in your garage, now is the time to get it repaired. Our mechanics can give you a proper diagnosis for your vehicle and chart a positive pathway forward.

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