Classic Reviews

 DONNA P Verified Customer
Staff were courteous and understanding, repairs were completed quickly for the amount quoted. Vehicle was returned clean and ready to go.

 IRENE N Verified Customer
I was very happy with the service I received. The problem was fixed quickly and efficiently. The service that I would need in the future was explained in detail and a quote was also included.

 JOHN S Verified Customer
Great. They were Very Honest, Will Definitely Return :-)

 Anonymous Verified Customer
Great, nice customer service!

 LEE B Verified Customer
This past Wednesday March 26, 2016 around 4:00pm I was driving home from work when I realized something was not quite right with my F-350. As I live on Martha's Vineyard, trying to get auto service out here is never less than a weeks wait before you may get your vehicle back. Being in the home building business with deadlines, I can not afford to by without my F-350 for even a day. I frantically called Jim Stone of Abington Sunoco and explained my dilemma. He calmly explained what he thought the problem was, a seized rear brake caliper, and said if I could bring my F-350 over to Woods Hole on the next available ferry, he would be more then happy to retrieve my vehicle, tow it on his flatbed back to Abington Sunoco and service it immediately. He also explained that if it truly was a seized rear caliper, that he would guarantee I would have my vehicle back in less then 24hrs. I can not say enough about all that Abington Sunoco has done for me, this time and in the past, to keep me going in business when I find myself with unexpected vehicle emergencies. Abington Sunoco not only had my F-350 repaired in less then 24hrs, but they (Jim Stone) also had my vehicle back in Woods Hole for me to bring back to Martha's Vineyard by 5pm the same day the repairs were completed. I've had several auto repair shops over the years and up until I started going to Abington Sunoco a couple of years ago, I never found one that understood how important it was for me to have my vehicle back in service or cared to make the customer feel appreciated. There is no place else other then Abington Sunoco that I will bring my vehicle for any service needs large or small. Thank you again Jim & Crew for keeping me going yet once again!

 JAMES R. C Verified Customer
thanks for the the fast and honest service

 RICHARD C Verified Customer
Mark and his top notch mechanic John figured out and fixed my wife's Lincoln Navigators problems in a matter of hours,. The truck was not drive able when I got it back from a supposed reputable place that my insurance company suggested had it for over 2 months. No brainier stick with guys you trust they'll take care of you no matter what Rich Callanan a loyal customer

 ROSANNE S Verified Customer
great experience

 MARK D Verified Customer
I was told what to expect and they were thorough in how they went over my car. I was able to get the car in quick and back just as quick. Always happy with the repairs and the way I am treated at Abington Sunoco!

 MARK C Verified Customer
As always I had no issues. Always very friendly and professional.

 KELLEY C Verified Customer
We had to have extensive work done to our Explorer and this was the second part if it. Mark and everyone else were awesome! We knew exactly what was being done and informed of anything that may be additional. They are all awesome and we wouldn't go anywhere else.

 MARYKATHLEEN B Verified Customer
Another 5 star experience @ Abington sunoco! Had my oil changed and the guys were so kind and went above and beyond to get the job done despite a clutch with my appointment! Well done team!

 Anonymous Verified Customer
Excellent service. I will be back

 JOHN L Verified Customer
Good communication via email, phone, and in person. Good service, and a thanks after i had picked up my vehicle. I had my truck's auto trans, power steering and coolant system flushed and the guys also performed an overall inspection, highlighting a couple of known issues, and asked whether i wanted them to perform service or not. This is old-school service that will have me recommending them, and returning to them.

 JAMES H Verified Customer
I always try to use Local business! Always very polite and caring.

 Anonymous Verified Customer
As always, well done. thanks

 RICHARD C Verified Customer
As usual excellent and courteous service. Qoute for service right on mark . Done on time. I would not take any of my vehicles anywhere else for service Abington Sunoco puts the Dealers to shame. Richard Callanan long time customer

 RICHARD C Verified Customer
Great service great price treated with respect as usual all services explained and done with true professionalism I would not hesitate to send a complete stranger there knowing they will be treated as family. Richard Callanan

 MICHAEL L Verified Customer
quick and professional.

 JOHN M Verified Customer
Always accommodating! Greatest mechanics in Abington!!

 THOMAS C Verified Customer
I got a sticker for the car. The workers were quick and courteous.

 MICHELLE L Verified Customer
Excellent service! Mark the service manager provided feedback on what was wrong with my car and pricing. It was very easy to get in touch with him if I had questions.

 MATTHEW J. F Verified Customer
I was completely satisfied with the scheduling and customer service provided during my repair work. Mark the Service Advisor did a great job keeping me informed of the processes and costs.

 JAMES R. C Verified Customer
good and fast service

 Anonymous Verified Customer
Very helpful! Gave me a ride to work and let me know when my service was finished!

 DAVID M Verified Customer
In my experience they are honest and straightforward, and their service is effective. They also point out potential problems to be addressed, which is in their self-interest, but it also helps those of use who are not auto savvy to get warnings and get problems fixed before they get too far gone.

 Anonymous Verified Customer
Just came in for a sticker. Nice place, nice people. Quick and painless.

 MARTHA C Verified Customer
Although I'm not related to anyone at Abington Sunoco I always feel like family when I have my car serviced there. They consistently exceed expectation!

 CHERYLL L Verified Customer
I got there late for an inspection and there was a line. When I noticed that Inspections close at 4:00 I knew time would run out before my turn came up. I started to pull out of line and the owner came over and told me not to worry -- stay in line and we'll take care of you. The techs are here until 5:00. First, it was nice that he noticed my problem and second, he went out of his way to accommodate me. Great service! Michelle

 KEVIN K Verified Customer
Quality service and professionalism as always. The owner is very down to earth. Highly recomennd!

 MAUREEN R Verified Customer
Always great service. They are knowledgeable and courteous.

 Anonymous Verified Customer
just stopped in to get my inspection sticker. service was excellent same as all repair service I've ever had done there!!

 KELLEY C Verified Customer
Mark and his crew are absolutely awesome!!! I had a personal situation where it was extremely important to have my vehicle and it needed a lot of work. Mark broke it down for us and worked with our third party warranty company and he had the vehicle for half a day and made sure the warranty paid the part that it should and I was only out of a vehicle for half a day. Now we can get the other work done on a schedule that works for us. We are definitely going back to Mark whenever we need scheduled maintenance or emergency repairs!!!

 ROBERT S Verified Customer
The work was done in a very reasonable time.

 Anonymous Verified Customer
I had never had to wait an hour to get an oil change before and i had an appointment. I am hoping the timing is worked on.

 JOHN M Verified Customer
Awesome service as usual

 LORRAINE P Verified Customer
To Whom it may concern, Happy Holidays to the wonderful staff at "Abington Sunoco" and thank you for the past year full of great customer service! "Abington Sunoco" most definitely copies "Nordstrom's" motto,"treat the customer like you want to be treated, with respect". I highly recommend this wonderful station to all my friends, family members, and co-workers on the South Shore. Wishing all of you a prosperous 2016! God Speed. All the Best, Lorraine and Richie Palm, Abington, MA

 CECELIA H Verified Customer
I feel like the people at Abington Sunoco are my family. I am well cared for there. If I have a problem, I can count on them. The do the finest work and I am very pleased with Abington Sunoco. They treat everyone like family.

 MARYKATHLEEN B Verified Customer
Abington Sunoco was so helpful to me the other day in that as I finished up some grocery shopping, I came out to my car to find a flat tire! They were convientley located right across the street and were more than kind and helpful to me. They were attentive to my tire trouble and fixed it without delay. Got lots of good information from Mark and Phil was great too, didnt catch the name of the gent that fixed my tire but grateful to him as well Yes it was a bummer to get a flat tire, but the good thing that came from it is, now I have a trustworthy place to meet all my vehicle needs!! Thank You God! And thank you Abington Sunoco staff!!!

 SALLY C Verified Customer
Very polite, honest and quick service.

 ALLAN C Verified Customer
Took Care of issues as discussed in advance, Job done well, on time, as quoted.

 ALLISON K Verified Customer
As always they did a great job with my oil change. They are always so friendly and really value each customer. Mark always explains everything in detail when I go and always informs me of additional work that might be needed a head of time. I still recommend their services to everyone I know and will continue to use them in the future.

 Anonymous Verified Customer
Was completely satisfied with the work done.

 Anonymous Verified Customer
Unfortunately I don't know his name but the manager of the shop is fantastic to deal with and provides great customer service.

 MARTHA C Verified Customer
Abington Sunoco treats its customers like family. They always exceed expectations. Great job, thank you!

 Anonymous Verified Customer
Great service!

 Anonymous Verified Customer
They are always on time and so helpful.

 Anonymous Verified Customer
They are always on time and so helpful.

 CHRISTOPHER B Verified Customer
The only Automotive shop I trust to work on the car that keeps my children safe. Skilled, Fair and customer friendly, you can tell they love what they do.

 ALAN B Verified Customer
Service to my car was done in a timely and efficient manner.

 MARY D Verified Customer
Picked up a nail in my tire. Called Abington Sunoco same day and asked if I could bring it in the next morning. Arrived at 8:15 am. The tire was fixed, my inspection sticker taken care of and was on my way in 30 minutes. Very courteous and accommodating staff.

 TARCILA G Verified Customer
Excellent service. Super fast!

 Anonymous Verified Customer
Best shop on south shore!

 Anonymous Verified Customer
Very helpful and polite, will be back again for any problems with my car. Thank you again.

 MAUREEN M Verified Customer
I have been going here for years after moving to Abington. Always great service, professional, efficient and knowledgeable about vehicles. Mark and staff are great.

 MICHELLE L Verified Customer
Mark & his staff are courteous & professional. Mark explains everything they find and gives estimates on the cost to fix. I have been to places that push you to have unnecessary work done and this is not one of them!

 MARTHA C Verified Customer
Exceptional, as usual!

 BEATRIZ G Verified Customer

 Anonymous Verified Customer
On time and done right. Thanks

 DAVID C Verified Customer
Always dependable service.

 TRICIA D Verified Customer
Excellent service.

 Anonymous Verified Customer
Routine service work. As always on time and done to my satisfaction. Long time customer.

 THERESA B Verified Customer
I have been having vehicles serviced at Abington Sunoco for 22 years! They have always treated me wonderfully and their service and prices are spot on! They drive me to work or home and pick me up when the work is done and the time is convenient for me. They are concerned for the safety of the people riding in the vehicle and have made other recommendations to me when they could have just fixed the problem and have it cost a fortune! Myself ad my husband are very loyal customers and will remain so!

 Anonymous Verified Customer
Everyone is very friendly and they go the extra mile to keep my car running well.

 CHRISTOPHER H Verified Customer
Thank you good service great guys

 Anonymous Verified Customer
Good service!

 Anonymous Verified Customer
I had to get my car inspection and it was pleasant and quick. Took my car right in. Performed the inspection and I was out. Mark is always there to make sure everything is done correctly and treats you like a valuable customer,

 RUTH C Verified Customer
Jim Stone, owner of Abington Sunoco, makes his customers feel right at home while waiting for service of the automobile. As I sit waiting, customers come into the office and are treated with respect. It's always a pleasant experience. Ruth

 JAMES B Verified Customer
As always, service at Abington Sunoco is the BEST. Jim has a great team working with him and they always provide quality work.

 Anonymous Verified Customer
Very good shop never had a problem always accomodating

 WILLIAM S Verified Customer
Great as usual!!!

 MELISSA K Verified Customer
Always great service!!! Was there just for an inspection sticker but had my 7 year old son with me. The staff was so friendly and kind to him while he waited with me. Polite people, fast service and overall great place!

 ROBERT T Verified Customer
Always informative and up front with clients.

 BRUCE Verified Customer
Went there for am inspection sticker. These guys are awesome. As soon as the car in front of me was completed for their inspection. the Technician took me right in and in no time I was driving away.

 Anonymous Verified Customer
I was very please with my experience - Mark & his team has bailed me out a couple of times over the past month. I found the team to be honest, helpful, and professional. They have gained our trust and being a larger family with the first of five kids getting a car...they have gained future business. Thank you.

 DON S Verified Customer
very good services and they kept us informed that was going on at all times timeline for the services was on time .

 LEE B Verified Customer
I wish to take a few seconds to express how happy I am once again with the services provided to me by Abington Sunoco. I own a small construction business on Martha's Vineyard and for me to give up my F-350 for any length of time is a hardship to my business and clients. I had been in contact with Abington Sunoco about my vehicles needed repairs and when I wished to get it into them for service once my work schedule was slow enough to allow. Originally it was scheduled in May of this year and then I needed to cancel that appointment to a future unknown date. Well it finally turned out to be in July, and on Martha's Vineyard July & August are about the 2 most difficult months to get a reservation on and off the island ferry. My repairs anticipated turned out to be more than expected in total work involved and the time required to complete all repairs was going to extend beyond my return trip back to MV. Throughout the entire process the Service Manager Mark kept me informed and up to date on what I was going to need both in repair needs and projected cost. As I was already committed to having the repairs of what I was aware of going in, I said, "Please do all work necessary as long as I can have my vehicle back in time to make my return ferry reservation." Not only did the work get done in sufficient time, but it also came in under estimated cost. My truck was then taken to their detailer for a complete "makeover" inside and out, as at 9yrs old I think it had the original dust and grime. Now for the part that shows me how Abington Sunoco is willing to go the extra mile for their clients. When my truck was completely finished, Abington Sunoco had it picked up on one of their flatbed tow bodies and delivered to me at the Steamship Authority in Woods Hole as getting from there to them was a challenge for me this past Monday. When it arrived, it looked liked a NEW TRUCK! The work performed also made it drive like the truck I drove off the dealership lot in 2006. I can not express enough how professional and courteous all those involved with Abington Sunoco are. Think you to all of you that got me up and running again on MVI. Sincerely, Lee Bruni

 PATRICIA B Verified Customer
Excellent service thanks mark

 Anonymous Verified Customer
The best shop in New England. Good prices, great work, honest people. I wouldn't trust my auto anywhere else. Ask for Mark. He dealt with the warranty company for over an hour to get me covered. Great guy, great shop.

 Anonymous Verified Customer
attention to detail -- delivery great service

 PETER I Verified Customer
Totally satisfied. Service done promptly and professionally.

 TANYA H Verified Customer
I absolutely love the fact that Abington Sunoco has loaner cars for their customers. The convenience of having this service is priceless! Oh I forgot to mention they do great work as well!

 JENNIFER B Verified Customer
Excellent Service didn't have to wait a long time. Mark is great and the work is done in a timely manner.

 DAVID M Verified Customer
Abington Sunoco is accommodating and straightforward about what your vehicle needs or could use, and in my experience does the work efficiently for a reasonable price.

 Anonymous Verified Customer
Fast, efficient fair and appreciated!

 RICHARD C Verified Customer
Mark and his staff are true professionals. Done on time and a great price for the work. Thanks, Rich Callanan

 MARYLOU W Verified Customer
I had an oil change this morning. I did not have an appointment but they were able to take me right away. Everyone was very nice. Thank you.

 ANNA N Verified Customer
I found the service fast, efficient and friendly. It is always nice to know that the 'job' whatever it is, is being done correctly. I would recommend your Sunoco Station to friends and neighbors. Thank you. Anneliese

 ERNEST F Verified Customer
Excellent and speedy service

 JAMES B Verified Customer
As usual, Jim, Mark and the team are always accommodating and do GREAT work. Thanks for all you do.

 Anonymous Verified Customer
Took care of the current issues identified @ normal oil changes within time frames we discussed.

 GERARD H Verified Customer
Excellent,, timely service

 Anonymous Verified Customer
As usual, excellent. That is why I keep coming back.

 Anonymous Verified Customer
Professional,courteous,efficient,...three for three!

 Anonymous Verified Customer
Friendly & courteous service.

 Anonymous Verified Customer
Mark was honest about what needed to be done, and what didn't need to be done!

 JOHN M Verified Customer
Always fantastic service!

 COLLEEN S Verified Customer
I just moved into a new house and noticed I had a flat tire and couldn't go anywhere....(no I do not have AAA) I googled who would come pick up my car, and Abington Sunoco came up. I spoke with Mark and he extremely helpful and professional - he was able to get a tow truck driver out to my house within a reasonable time. They took my car, put a new tire on, and balanced everything out. I'm extremely thankful and will recommend them, and will continue to go there for my car maintainence. Thank you!!!!

 DOUGLAS B Verified Customer
The usual speedy and thorough job. Thanks again!

 CHRISTOPHER A. M Verified Customer
Very courteous and honest staff. Shop manager is friendly and great to talk to. I have been going here to for car inspections past few years and will continue for some years to come. Thank you!

 MARCIA S Verified Customer
quick, convenient, pleasant service

 LEONARD P Verified Customer
Fantastic. Love Mark and his staff. Feel very confident that they have MY best interest in mind when doing work on my vehicle.

 LINDA B Verified Customer
Wonderful to deal with - service always as promised.

 ROBERTA F Verified Customer
I went there for a sticker as well as changing my air filter and cabin filter. I was very happy with the quick prompt courteous service. I would highly recommend you to anyone for your cars needs

 JAMES B Verified Customer
As always, Mark and crew provided the utmost service and performed an excellent job. Thank you. Jim Brophy Abington, MA

 JOHN L Verified Customer
Mark and everyone were very accommodating. And very helpful. Lots of experience. And are very fair with pricing on my cars repairs. I will recommend Sunoco Abington to all my friends.

 BRENDA S Verified Customer
Always courteous and trustworthy.

 Anonymous Verified Customer
My First Repair there was very friendly. Even offered a car to use. I think I will use them as my repair shop from now on.

 Anonymous Verified Customer
I came in for an oil change and was in and out in 35 minutes. Mark is always very polite and informative of what the current condition is of the vehicle and he even honored a coupon for me that had expired which I greatly appreciated. Always a pleasure doing business at Sunoco.

 DENISE M Verified Customer
Excellent Service

 Anonymous Verified Customer
Work was done right, as quoted, and in a timely friendly manner. Abington Sunoco has established a good working relationship for both small and large jobs, meeting schedules, and quotes with quality work.

 ANGELO T Verified Customer
Abington Sunoco always takes care of my vehicles as needed or in an emergency.

 CHRISTOPHER C Verified Customer
Abington Sunoco employees are shilled, helpful and competent.

 LORRAINE P Verified Customer
Richard called last Thursday that my 2011 Camry was not running right and was told to bring my auto right down the next morning, Friday, April 10 at 9:00am. The customer support from your entire staff is beyond wonderful, a good example would be Abington Sunoco has Nordstrom's Customer Support ethic not that of Walmart! You know your customers and treat all of them like gold and be rest assured that I spread the word loud and clear. Love My "Abington Sunoco" Team Love Lorraine and Richard Palm

 Anonymous Verified Customer
The most efficient, honest and flexible shop in Mass. If you value your car, money and time you will go to Abington Sunoco.

 JOHN M Verified Customer
Always awesome service

 DON S Verified Customer
best place to have work done they are good fast and good prices

 Anonymous Verified Customer
Quick, reliable, fair priced

 RICHARD C Verified Customer
As always top notch ready when asked for. Mark and his staff are pros and courteous every step of the service process. Rich Callanan Satisfied Customer

 Anonymous Verified Customer
The staff are not only knowledgable, they are timely, and very professional too. Will definitely recommend.

 Anonymous Verified Customer
Great service.

 KENNETH L Verified Customer
Abington Sunoco always provides fast, efficient, and informative service.

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